February 20th, 2021

hello! i hav lynda.com adobe illustrator its in .mov formate i cant play it in my pc i hav apple quick time player,vlc,k lite codec pack and a .mov player also bt no one can play it contineusly!!!!!! i realy want it to play. plz help me how to paly the tutorial.
Answer #1
Most likely the .mov file is damaged. Because it is impossible that none of your players can play this file.
Answer #2
is right, if it won’t play correctly with quicktime the file is damaged
Answer #3
my players can play it bt with alot of stopsssss
Answer #4
well, then the file is corrupted, only thing you can do is to download again
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Answer #6
What? You don’t understand? You have to download the file again cause this movie is corrupted.
Answer #7
its not a single movie its full tutorial by lynda.com
Answer #8
well yeah, probably something got corrupted during the rarring/uploading/downloading/unrarring
Answer #9
my bad luck
Answer #10
Yeah, that’s always a risk
Answer #11
both VLC and Zoom should be able to play it.
Like the posts above me said, it is most likely corrupt.
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Zindaa wrote: Select all

my players can play it bt with alot of stopsssss
it is freezing?
If it is a HD .mov file, this may cause such a problem. Depends on your computer specification
Answer #13
its not HD dude! these are only a .mov file
Answer #14
Could you post it here so that we can check it out?