Motherboard Question

January 27th, 2014

Hi all,,3856
i am looking to buy one of these two motherboards since they cost the same price from the local shop. I tought i ask for help on which one of them will be better suited for me.
I am attaching a graphic card and a sound card seperatley to the motherboard apart from the onboard they come with. Also i will be adding a sata3 1tb hard drive to it.
Thanks for the help

Answer #1
Z68 > H61
Answer #2
Ok thanks…so i should get the Z68 then
Answer #3
It shouldn’t even be a question…there are no overclocking abilities on the H61 chipset and the H61 board has way less features than the Z68 board.
Answer #4
You can also look at P67 boards.


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