“Most Wanted Appz” CS3 Master Col. Keygen Prob

November 14th, 2016

If someone could step me through that would be great. I’ve mounted the image with DAEMON Tools, and been able to open the run setup, but I get stuck at the Keygen part?
If I open the Key Generator, there are three different fields to fill. Serial Number, Activation Number, and a Authorization Code.
Underneath their are two buttons, Serial Number and Authorization Code. Clicking these fills in their respective fields, the Activation Number however baffles me.
I’ve googled, but that was quite confusing.
Help please???

Answer #1
You used the keygen at the beginning of the installation right? That should have given you a “serial number” so you could continue with the installation.
After installation is complete, run one of the main programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.). It will tell you you need to activate. *** CLICK PHONE ACTIVATION *** The next screen should give you an “activation number”. Type this activation number INTO THE KEYGEN under “activation number”, and press “authorization code”. The keygen will then produce an “authorization code”. Enter this authorization code in the Photoshop phone activation screen, and press activate.
Answer #2
i have a readme for it in word (with pics) would you like it?
anyway this is how to do it
start to install CS3
you will reach a point asking for serial use keygen to enter 1
you will reach a point asking to activate
click ofline activation/ phone activation/ sililiar just don’t activat online (use firewall to block it even)
it will give you a activation number
enter that number into the keygen
clik generate acti code
enter that code in the stup and it should be done
Answer #3
I’ve done all the steps listed above, (which makes perfect sense now that I’ve done it, lol) but after entering the two numbers and asking the Keygen for the Auth. Code, it doesn’t respond or get to giving me the authorization code?


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