.mkv files laggs and coz lip sync problem

August 8th, 2018

hey i guys i have just downloaded some music videos in mkv format the problem is that most of my mkv files play properley but some heavy mkv files ( 200mbs above) lagg in my vlc player and that coz lip sync problem what should i do and yet im using mkv as well as cccp codes for wmp 9 player plz help
Answer #1
what kind of cpu and how much ram u have? i u have a old cpu then its probably that.
Answer #2
had the same issue. Vlc isnt made for those HQ mvk files actually. They even tell you that on their site… but what works for me is to install the latest k-lite pack. Then run it in media player classic.
Answer #3
yups that same codec pack i have.
Answer #4
Use a player with GPU acceleration like PowerDVD
Answer #5
VLC uses the libavcodec libary which is in common a good decoder on systems with a strong CPU. But it doesn’t has any support of CUDA.
CoreAVC does it just like the madVR decoder or the internal one of PowerDVD. –> So if you have a Geforce 8xxx graphics card I would recommend to use this feature.
Answer #6
your PC probably cant support em..
Answer #7
i have pentium 4 2.4 (single core ) 2 gb ddr rams and fx 5200 graphic card i know my pc is dinasours aged
Answer #8
well id still try k-lite and media player classic (which comes with most k-lite installs. ) My comp aint super either. But thats my own salution. Good luck with it.
Answer #9
okie i will surely try it out thx for u r suggestion
Answer #10
I use k-lite codec pack in combination with CoreAVc Pro.. (and yes I have an old fart of a pc to run ALL movies )
Answer #11
thx for ur suggestion trying it out
Answer #12
I would use 007 sharks codecs and KM player, I’ve even used this on my Pentium II and haven’t had a problem.
Answer #13
I had this when GPU drivers were outdated
Answer #14
IMO K lite codec pack is the best because of haali and the ffd decoders
which work really good with mkv my computer had 1.5 gb of ram 1 core 2.0 ghz with win xp i could barley run photoshop but i was able to watch mkv’s flawlessley
i had stock i dont even think it was 128 video card so im pretty sure you will be able to run this
Answer #15
download .avi and save yourself the trouble.
Answer #16
try gom player…its brilliant…plays pretty much everything….and if there is lip sync issues u can slow down or speed up the audio to match the video with gom….plus its free:D
Answer #17
KMPlayer (freeware) used with CoreAVC pro codecs works well!
This is how to set it up.
Codecs from here..
Those latest version codecs work very well with h264/mkv stuff !
I get about 20% CPU usage with a 720p file and about 75% with 1080p and that’s with a P4…
VLC would be about the worst thing for .mkv files..
Answer #18
Probably a CRC error. the file is broken
Answer #19
Use GOM player or BS player…but KM player is THE BEST
Answer #20
I guess the problem is on your side, you system cannot handle High bitrate video. Upgrading your CPU/GPU might help.
or re encode the video to lower bitrate and size
Answer #21
i think there is nothing wrong with the player as said my pc suck most of the time it plays video properly as soon as i try to play HD contents this problem laggs coz my pc is ~ Lovely ~
Answer #22
I used a converter to make a mkv DVDip of Sorority Row into MP4 for my Nexus One and it came off like an old school foreign flick with the audio not matching the words. I’ll just be converting AVI to MP4 from now on and I got Media Player Classic whenever something doesn’t play on the VLC correctly.
Answer #23
i think there is nothing wrong with the player as said my pc suck most of the time it plays video properly as soon as i try to play HD contents this problem laggs coz my pc is ~love~
yeah a good system/rig helps… But ive managed with the K-lite codec and media player classic (not windows media player). So if you tried that with no luck im sorry to say i cant give you more advice


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