Mixer, but not making music..

October 31st, 2017

I have many devices now. All of them i am using. I also have audio cable buried under the base of the room and my speakers just hang behind me on the wall. It’s so cool. But right now i use my TV as a mixer. Everything connects to TV via HDMI, from TV “headset output” to the speakers. The quality of the TV headset output i don’t like. Anyone knows what i can use for better audio experience? 5.1 not necessary in this case, but would be + for me having it

Answer #1
Buy a Stereo A/V Recevier – can get a nice bargain on ebay – recomend Nad brand, Marantz or something in that price range. Speakers: Dali perhaps. Google is your friend.
I own an old JVC Quad Stereo Receiver from 1982 with a Magnat Monitor 220 Stereo Speakers and I have great stereo sound for gaming, vinyl, audiotapes and all the components costed me about 100 for the receiver, 150 for the speakers, inherited the vinyl player, and 30 bucks for an audio tape component. Cheap but great. The fact that Magnat Monitor are not well known brand made them cheaper – are made in Germany and have a full, rich sound for my small gaming, music listening room and I do not need a subwoofer. Try Magnat, they have a new series out, you won’t regret it.


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