Microsoft Office 2010 Pro Plus

January 28th, 2014

I have installed Microsoft Office 2010 Pro Plus and used this activator to activate it
But now it says that it’s not activated, how do I activate it forever so the error doesn’t come up again?

Answer #1
The activator should have done the trick. have you tried using a different activator?
Answer #2
I only find mini KMS activator to work…
Answer #3
dingo_d replied: I only find mini KMS activator to work...
Yeah, use this one.
Answer #4
I would suggest using a diffrent activator or try again if not try installing a diffrent version of Office
Answer #5
Have you just installed service pack 1 ?
Answer #6
Answer #7
it happens with me too.
after i active , after few days this appears

Answer #8
google Mini KMS Activator
Answer #9
Could you give me a download link to the latest version of Mini KMS Activator
Answer #10
what version of windows are you both running? xp, vista, win7?, also antivirus, is it deactivated while you are trying to run the activator? some block the prog, i use office 2010 toolkit.exe, it works everytime for 2010 office pro, or corp, so far. do a search here you may find it in this forum. it’s been my experience the Mini KMS Activator , does not always work, the toolkit worked again for me last week, i do however turn off all maleware, spyware, antivirus, momentarily as most of them can interfer with the activators, they see them as a threat,
hope this helps you
Answer #11
Running Windows 7 OS and there are few Mini KMS Activator on the forum but some are dead links and some are virus
Answer #12
as i said, if you’re interested, i just now did a search on this site for office 2010 toolkit
, there are plenty of links to try this prog if you wish, can’t hurt to look,
good luck
Answer #13
http://www.~ Disallowed. ~/get/l-dskix7/mini-KMS_Activator_v1053.html
Try this. There is a slight possibility that AV will flag it as something bad, but I think it’s safe (it should be)…


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