Microphone Desktop

October 19th, 2016

Hello guys, hope this post finds you well.
The problem I’m having is that my microphone works on my brother’s PC just fine, but in my PC I need to press it a bit hard towards the motherboard in order for it to capture sounds.
Now this immediately gives you the impression that the motherboard is the problem but I just bought it, it’s new around 1.5 months.
Except that, I got another microphone that works just fine without putting pressure to it.
I looked at the pins, they’re identical/the same!
One more thing, the mic port is a bit “loose” on the MOBO, the pins get inside easier than they do on the volume port or the third.
Is there any solution to this?
Thank you so much for your time!

Answer #1
The mic is not going in far enough.
Maybe some insulation on the plug of the mic is sticking out and could be trimmed back.
Or if the socket is loose, the pa may need removing and the socket assembly
needs to be mounted securely so it sticks out far enough.
Sometimes a drop of super glue can be of help there.
Answer #2
Right now I’m with my old mic, the pins are exactly the same and it’s working just fine, didn’t need to do anything at all..
No idea what sorcery is this lol!


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