Medal of Honor 2010 Cannot run? help me plz

December 22nd, 2017

I downloaded MOH 2010 PC game as a DVD mdf image, installed and everything, and when i try to play it says “emulation software detected”
i Got it from here:
I downloaded the CLONEDVD-AVENGED and i don’t seemto undertad the problem

Answer #1
Have you tried the crack?
Answer #2
no, there is no crack for this version! shall i use the limited crack?
Answer #3
RELOADED crack should work..
Answer #4
ok, will try it then, i read how to use it with out a crack, and i don’t have the new daemon tools and DTE, so i hope the crack work.
thanks guys
Answer #5
getting error message with the crack
Rendering thread exception:
General protection fault!
History: Address=0�dd688d (filename not found)
Address=0�d46ff6 (filename not found)
Address=0�950b400 (filename not found)
Address=0�d46f20 (filename not found)
Address=0�ffffff88(filename not found)
RaiseException() Address=0�7c7e2afb (filename not found)
C��ThrowException() Address=0�7857df56 (filename not found)
Address=0�d57c42 (filename not found)
Address=0�1475ffec (filename not found)

Answer #6
Just download some different version i guess lol!
Answer #7
Just download some different version i guess lol!
lol, my only premium account which is RS has expired will try then. thanks m8


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