LCD screen for amilo pi series

November 25th, 2013

a friend needs to replace his lcd from his laptop
(i guess he smashed it somehow, i’m afriad to ask, he is pretty huge guy.. )
i found a couple of links… like…
but here is the thing… i have some “experience” (not much) on changing an lcd… but is it as easy as it looks… if i spent 3-4 hours will i be able to change it…?
and the good question is that shops reliable?
i’m from Greece, i couldnt find any lcd here (for a normal price, 300 – 550€)…
sorry for my english… and thanks in advance…

Answer #1
I’ve never replaced the LCD in one of those, try Googling for the service manual.
Changing LCD’s is relatively easy and fast, what is the pain, is some are really awkward to remove the bezel around it.
You could try your local e-bay, but make sure it is a genuine one, rather than compatible, and it’s guaranteed against delivery with dead pixels etc.
*Edit, here’s a youtube vid – looks very straightforward.
Remember you can get lcd’s that are glossy or matte. Matte are a lot better if you use outside (stops a lot of reflections)
*Edit 2 – try here if you can’t find the service manual.
Answer #2
thanks for the response… how do i know if its compatible?
about guarante and dead pixels i already asked… i still wait for a response…
is there anyone that bought a screen(original) and it worked?
Answer #3
valeriosn replied: how do i know if its compatible?
It will be cheap (around £60) the genuine ones will be a lot more.
Answer #4
i undestand that… the problem is that what if he sells the compatible one at the price of a genuine..?
anyway thanks for helping.. i think i will try to convinse him to buy a genuine..


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