Laptop keeps restarting after removing a program

December 26th, 2018

I got a brand new laptop and it had a software called Net Intelligence which blocked some websites. I tried to remove it by making an account and use the password of my account but it wouldn’t work so I then used Revo uninstaller and forced it to delete, when it deleted, it also asked me to select all the registry files related to this program to delete. So I selected and deleted the registry files and the computer then rebooted. When the login screen came, it reboots after 10 seconds and this is happening forever. I can go into BIOS menu but it is very different, there are only a few features such as change the BIOS boot order, nothing like booting into safe mode, repair computer, start with well known last configuration etc. So I messed about with the BIOS trying to get into safe mode and now my problem is even worse. I cannot at all boot into log in screen now, it shows message to insert a boot disk or CD to boot from. I changed the boot order to boot from hard drive and it does not work. I also used Hiren Boot CD to find a way to get into safe mode but it’s too complicated to understand.
Can anyone help please?

Answer #1
Safe mode is not in bios .. press F8 after the boot but before the windows logo screen appears.
For the “insert” message, you changed the boot order so that the hard drive is not #1. So… first back to bios and change the boot order back to your hard drive.
Second, F8 between bios and windows to get to safe mode.
Answer #2
Pressing F8 doesn’t work. After a bit of internet research, I’ve found out it is not actually booting into BIOS but Aptio Setup Utility or another name UEFI BIOS. It is Windows 8.1
Answer #3
Please verify your boot sequence..
HARDDRIVE which windows is installed
then, there should be others like network card.
Did you change any settings of your partitions?
Does any of these sounds familiar? Active / Passive / GPT / MBR


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