Isolating a server from the network

July 25th, 2013

Here’s my situation. I have a server but I want it entirely separated from the rest of my network. From what im reading, VLANS are the best way to do this but my router (Linksys E4200) does not support that feature, nor does it work with DD-WRT very stable.
It also looks like I can accomplish this with two routers (I have an extra one laying around).
This is a diagram of what I think I need to do.

Basically, I don’t want any computers with a x.x.2.??? IP address to even know that the server computer connected to router 2 exists. I would like to entirely separate the two networks. That being said, the server needs to be able to connect to the internet, which is hosted on ROUTER 1.
Also, how would I setup DMZ on the server? Given that I have two routers, not sure what to do.
Would appreciate the help, thanks.
EDIT: the image isn’t loading, here’s a link
Answer #1
Well, router 1 remains the primary router for both scenarios and needs to do nothing but DMZ router 2 from router 1 and dmz the server from router 2. You can do it wireless or wired depending on your preference.
Option 1 (Wireless): This scenario is probably going to fit you best, you will need to install DD-WRT on router2 and set it up as a client and configure it to connect to router 1 wireless. This way you can put the server where ever you want, set the router on top of it and plug it in with a wire.
Option 2 (Wired): This is how I prefer my setup, but I currently using options 1. For this scenario you will configure router 2 as normal and plug it into router 1 via wire, then plug the server into router 2 via a wire.
Option 1 is recommended over plugging the router in with a wire and connecting the server to router 2 with a wNIC.
Answer #2
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