Is my wordpress got hacked?

November 30th, 2013

im using pageline platform pro theme for my wordpress site and everything worked real great until i got an email complaining i have a sitewide image link to a sex related site right on the footer
i checked every single options there and there’s no way to change the footer and the menu for that theme doesnt work only for that part :s a friend of mine suggest that this might be a hacking being done. i really hope someone can suggest me on how to remove the link?
my site is and you can see that image link right on the bottom of every page which is in the image of a leaf

Answer #1
Dood, its your RSS icon at the top. Just change it
Answer #2
well, looks like now i got two porn links, the rss feed and the bottom leaf icon what the heck
the guy also modify my blogrolls adding links, i wonder if there are any way to prevent this?
Answer #3
Cresscendo replied: the guy also modify my blogrolls adding links
Who is “the guy”? What kind of webhosting do you have? Who installed the wordpress? TBH, nothing makes much sense. Need details here man…
Answer #4
Are in control of the cPanel or whatever web admin panel you’re using? if so, you can always change the password.
also, press ctrl+u to check the codes on your homepage and see any suspicious links added there and edit it if there’s any, additionally you can use ‘firebug’ (Firefox Addon) to test it.
Answer #5
This won’t help if you got hacked after your wordpress install (in which case .Rocke is right, just change your password), but if you’re using a theme you downloaded from a warez site the person who shared the link could have modified the template prior to sharing. People do this stuff for backlinks and the hopes of getting more traffic, so you have to check the theme for anything suspicious.
If you want to check your theme, this article will help. It’s kind of a PSA against pirating themes, but it still does a good job of teaching you how to sift through your template to make sure it’s clean.
Good luck.
Answer #6
thanks for all the response ppl, well based on what i’ve read here it would appears that the theme might be the cause as Ip32 said, i’ve just recently tested a pageline theme i got here, the php is also encoded
i think for the cpanel they should be left clean because only me has access to it, and it is also been changed along with all wordpress passwords and ftp passwords after i took notice of this problem
its pretty annoyingly good trick tho replacing urls for my feed and pageline’s credit button to link to their site lol


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