Irregular slow download speed

December 28th, 2018

I have a problem. Recently i upgraded my internet connection and downloaded files from rapidshare at 50+ kb/s and megaupload at 40kb/s. I use IDM to download files. 2 days ago suddenly my internet speed became slow around 25kb/s and changing not consisten like before. i called my isp and they said they would check line. At night the downloads returned to its fast normal speed and i thought the prb was solved. But in morning and during the whole day the speed became slow again. so i gave them a call. the guy asked me to download 3 files at same time and when i did the total speed added up to around less than 60kb/s. So he told me that i need to reinstall my windows.
Funny thing is that also last night the download speed became fast and now it is slow again. I also tried it on my brothers laptop and it worked fine. I dunt want to format my computer cause i have alot of stuff installed and it is a really painful process for me. So does anyone have any suggestions that could help? i would really be grateful.

Answer #1
Probably you are being capped by your isp.Call them and ask
Answer #2
i called them. plus when i download 3 files they reach the max speed. it is when i download one file the speed is crappy
Answer #3
can anyone plz help me? i tried to download using my brother’s laptop and it worked fine. i also used another router and i have same prb
Answer #4
ddo you have dsl, or cable?
Answer #5
i have adsl
Answer #6
hmmmm then you should not be having that issue unless they have caped your connection, run a test on and tell us how it comes back.
Answer #7
May be the server u r downloading is out of enough bandwidth so its limiting ur connection or clear cookies or ur isp playing with u
Answer #8
i am using rapidshare and usually it isnt that slow. plus like i said wz my brothers’s pc it runs fast
Answer #9
use a speed test tool
Answer #10
Do you experience this for RS only? Also, do you have a premium account on RS? RS gives low speeds for free users to force them to get a premium.
Answer #11
It is wz all servers
Answer #12
As I mentioned, file hosting websites give you the least of speeds to force you to buy the premium service. Anyway, I need you to download a file from Yahoo (any file). What is the speed you get? If you still get a low speed then switch to another ISP = Internet Service Provider. By the way, do you share your connection?
Answer #13
no i dunt share my connection. Wz yahoo i get around 20 kb/s which is really slow. Plus my isp is da best here in egypt and i have been wz it for 4 years now and never had a prb before. da prb is something 2 do wz da pc. do u know any software that could help fix it
Answer #14
Well, do you have any Anti-Virus software running on your computer? If that is not the case, use Kaspersky Anti-Virus and perform a full system scan on the computer. You might be infected with some malware.
Answer #15
yes i have KIS. i ll give it a try
Answer #16
kaspersky found 5 trojans and got rid of them. but the prb still exists


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