IPOD.ITUNES Greenhorn needs some basic 411 on using these

November 30th, 2013

Allright sup peoples, this has got to be a step back in my e-Evolution
scale of How- To’s, but im having a time understanding a few Key steps in a iPODS usage and operations skillset, okay here are my main questions/issues of interest- I appreciate some basic help, so thankyou for any assistance-
1. i keep using this iPOD just as i would a Flashdrive, ie: opening it up in my WIN EXPLORER filetree, cut/copying mp3s from my pc’s HD, and pasting them into this iPOD, but once the files are pasted i cant find them while operating the iPODs screen, i only seem to be able to see the mp3s, when the ipod is docked or charging/connected to the Apple USB connector.
2. The files are definately going/pasting into the iPOD due to the 4GB size, so the files are theyre, i just cant find them while operating the iPOD in my hand, ie: not connected to anything.
when viewing the connected iPOD via win explorer, i get in the Parent/first folder;
the iPod_Control folders partially visable, dont know why but it opens-behaves just like any other folder, and the brunt of the iPODS cache, including mp3s that came on the ipOD when i bought it used, all inside the folder:
which is inside the parent iPod_Control
Inside Music folder are 6 Partially highlighted folders that have audio files in them, which when viewing thru WIN EXPL. are all alphabetical in order yet seems to be the first 4 letters of a songs name, i dont know why its getting these names (look just below)
ADOW.m4a, ALYM.m4a, ASQL.m4a and so on, all 4 digit file names here
yet when you operate the iPOD unplugged, the song names are appearing normal, correctly titled Artist/ Song name etc.
THIS DOESNT MAKE FREEKN SENSE TO ME hopefully someones had this
arrangement/scenario before and can get me on right track. Id like to be able to re-name/custom name a few folders , jam some tracks on there, and have those folders show up in the iPODS Menu screen, and go at the music i put in those folders. easy simple quick. this has gotta be obtainable.
thanks warez

Answer #1
you cannot put music on an ipod just by copy/pasting it. The iPod’s software reads details about the music from a database on the drive. Get iTunes/WinAmp/MediaMonkey/any other media library program that supports iPods.
Answer #2
Thanks. ill check into that. guess VLC doesnt comply for this sort of thing?
Answer #3
vcoakland replied: Thanks. ill check into that. guess VLC doesnt comply for this sort of thing?
nope, VLC just does playback and streaming
Wiki has a good breakdown of the main programs that will do it
Answer #4
appreciate that link Insert. thanks for the assistance


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