Internet speed HELP!

November 24th, 2013

I have a Wireless internet and i don’t “steal” from others , i pay ISP 10e for 2mb and i don’t have 2mb because signal is BAD i have 1mb (about 120kb)
How can i speed up ,
1. i use IDM !nothing change!
2.ModemBooster !nothing change!
3.Internet Cell Bosster !nothing change!
do you have any IDEA how to speed up it …
If someone have time to explain me how can i to that i will tell him

Answer #1
First step… Sort out your signal.
Why is it so bad ?? Where is your equipment ??
Answer #2
Make sure you have filters on all the lines.
check a phone to see how much noise there is.
keep all lines away from tv’s and microwave ovens
grab tcp optimiser and run it (if you’re on W7, use the tcp cmd file on tcp optimiser site).
you may just be so far from the cabinet or exchange that there’s nothing you can do.
Answer #3
Check the connection speed with LAN first, to verify you actually have 2mb.


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