Internet Download Manager (IDM) Help please?!

November 17th, 2016

Hey everyone!
Ok, this problem is the same between all browsers. I can download files within say, Chrome…but if i right click/copy link, then paste into IDM’s clipboard, it only finds the html and not the file. I cannot figure out for the life of me why this is happening :-/

Answer #1
Update, i just download and tried Jdownloader and it does the same damn thing :-/. HELP haha :-/
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Answer #2
What host are you trying to download from, as some don’t support IDM? Mega is one that doesn’t seem to.
Answer #3
may be its a file host with captcha
may be file removed
could you name the website from which you are downloading
Answer #4
Maybe you are trying to download from a site that requires premium membership before you can direct download ?
Answer #5
Some hosting sites don’t allow you to use IDM.
If it automatically starts in chrome downloads, try pressing ctrl before you click the download button.
Configure your forced idm download keys in the options menu.
It’ll be useful if you told us what host you’re trying to download from.
Answer #6
I used to have premium with RS, and it worked fine. I now have premium with….and it won’t work :-/
Answer #7
This should apply to
Answer #8
Awesome! That did the trick. Thank you


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