Installing Operating Systems HELP

November 5th, 2017

On an old laptop, i was able to install XP Pro and XP Home onto the same Hard Drive.
On my personal laptop, i am thinking of installing Windows 7, along side the XP operating system already on here.
Can i install Windows 7 along side the XP installation, and if i want to get rid of Windows 7 after a few days, am I able to uninstall it without damaging the XP Operating system?
How would i go about doing that?
Cheers in advance

Answer #1
you need to have 2 partitions on hard drive so you need a partition manager to shrink the existing partition to leave enough free space to make a new partition for the 7 install when a newer os vista or 7 is installed that way it gives a selection menu to boot from all boot files are allways on the first partition (existing xp) so prior to removal of 7 you would use vistaboot pro to remove 7,s bootmanager and leave xp,s boot.ini thus alowing xp to boot alone, then format the 7 drive to get shot of 7 its a lot easier to do than to explain good luck with it


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