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November 30th, 2013

I want to download the update for Deus Ex but every thread says its missing the link, please help.

I have rip of the game including two DLCs, its around 5 GB…
So since it is a rip version, can i add the missing link Update? Or do i get game is not installed message?
If you can give me a link to a version that works for my rip version, please post, thank you.
Answer #1
It should work fine..Just copy the DLC content to the game folder and Apply the SKIDROW crack..
Beside..I heard The Missing link will work without the full game installed..
Answer #2
But i just read you would overwrite your existing files.
There is thread with 1.5 GB version, others have that problem too.
Answer #3
Yes that version will work without the full game..Just tested it..
Just make sure you use the SKIDROW crack..
Answer #4
so you mean it has no relation, not at all?
different folder, no relation whatsoever?
that sounds pretty good.
Answer #5
Yes..Just copied the extracted folder..Copied the crack..Run the dxhrml.exe..And I was in the game menu..
Answer #6
ok, great, thanks.
but i dont get it, it says 1.5 GB and i dont find that version there. all versions are bigger, thats weird.


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