[HTTP&FTP] Help With putting games on a psp

August 8th, 2017

i downloaded a iso game now what?
Answer #1
MOving to HelpDesk
Answer #2
i downloaded a iso game now what?
did you hack your psp yet, you cant play downloaded psp games unless you hack your psp, what psp do you have, do you the original psp or the new psp slim?
if your psp is already hacked then you simply place the iso into the iso folder, and depending if you are running 1.50 or custom firmware you use devhook or just run the iso the same way you would run a normal game by clicking on the game window on your psp and selecting memory stick.
if you have 3.60m+ custom firmware then just format your memory card and it will make you a iso folder to put your iso/cso in.
Answer #3
Just about every psp game there. Be sure to read how on the site tho!


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