How to make a Video?

October 7th, 2017

How to make a small Video or something like a trailer ? Like in avatar trailer it showed name of movie,director,music,etc…Like that Me too wanna make a video…What is the best software for that?
Answer #1
the best video creator/editor is sony vegas
Answer #2
also ULEAD VIDEOSTUDIO http://~ Dead file host ~/files/207033046/Ulead_VideoStudio_11Plus_FULL_Setup_By_subaru_20.rar
Answer #3
And the Best of the Best is Adobe Premier CS4
Answer #4
Making? use three softwares.. Sony Vegas.. and two AVS(s)
Answer #5
Sony Vegas is the best video/movie making/editing software.
Answer #6
For making your own trailer movies or intros the best applications are Adobe Premiere (for merging the movie parts) and Adobe After Effects (adding effects to the movie). Download both of them and follow some tutorials, they’re not hard to be learned.


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