How to make a 3g modem internet go faster?

November 30th, 2013

Hey there, im currently on holiday and using a 3 modem. However, im getting extremely terrible speeds on my 3g modeum. Unfortunately im in a rural area and the telephone lines don’t seem to be using 3g, only 2g edge.
Is there any way at all to make the internet go faster at all on 2g edge, it takes like 4 minutes to load 1 page.

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Answer #2
well I dont know “technically” what you can do.. but I’m russian and I know when I want something to work I just need to give it a big-juicy slam.. so go on.. dont be afraid.. kick the ~love~ out of your modem
warning! dont try on kids
p.s. seriously tried it the other day on my broken printer and all of a sudden started to work like a charm
Answer #3
I don’t think you have a chance if your operator doesn’t support 3g in that area.
Answer #4
yeah, i have the same problem. Since you are in a rural area the network isnt as powerful as what you would find in the city obviously. All you can do is put up with the slow speeds.
Answer #5
use external high gain antenna… I hope it’ll help u…
Answer #6
Yes if signal is low use an external aerial.


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