How to fix a corrupted Internet Download Manager download?

August 6th, 2016

Hello guys Let’s suppose that I have download a 1GB movie hosted on Rapid gator which is divided into two pats I mean there’s two Rapid gator links I went to CBOX in order to have these two links generated I download the first part and then I download the second part (from the CBOX server) I want to extract the two parts into one file I get an error telling that the second part is corrupted the first part is totally fine so I go to the CBOX chat room and I kindly ask if I can post the second part link again in order to have it generated by the chat room administrator (one of the main rules about CBOX leech sites is not to repost the same link without asking for permission) so I finally re-download the second part again from the CBOX server for the second time but when I want to extract it again I still get the same error that the second part is corrupted. So what I can do? I’m asking this question to anyone who download big files as parts rather than downloading them as a one direct link.
Thank you

Answer #1
Nothing you can do..
You need to redownload the complete package from somewhere else…
Answer #2
I had a member tell me he downloaded a specific file of mine 8 different times. On the 8th try, it was not corrupt.
Just something weird with his internet or another 100 reasons why a file might be corrupt. Download again, or like stated, try a different source.


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