How to download single songs…?

August 6th, 2013

hey, guys. a friend of mine at work asked if i could download his daughter some music. she’s got a bunch of different songs that she wants.
i remember back when napster kicked off, and well, since then i’ve just used bulletin boards. i download by the album, but is there a simple (and quick), way of doing this? maybe there’s a p2p or youtube to mp3 that actually works….?
any help is appreciated!

Answer #1
for individual tracks try
but dont press any of their ads
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Answer #3
wo_Ot? replied: Songr?

I use this one, it’s good
Answer #4
the Meerkat replied: wo_Ot? replied: Songr?

I use this one, it's good

Beside Google… prolly the best
Answer #5
Few more ways:
1. Just google it, As in artist song “filehost’
2. Use tube hunter ultra to rip em from youtube.
3. Get em from torrents, Find the album then pick only the particular song your after.
Do note (about #3) that in some countries (USA in particular) you could get sued by an anti-piracy group if they
catch you sharing it, The risk is much higher when using public torrents, Using a VPN (or stop seeding) would
be a good idea.
Answer #6
Songr should do the trick.
Answer #7
Another vote for Songr, is easy to use and very good also.
Answer #8
Yup songr is really good
Answer #9
Answer #10
thanks so much guys! warez-bb is home. =)
Answer #11
soupsmoke replied: warez-bb is home. =)
Nah, it’s forum…
Answer #12
i find this very good.
Answer #13
songr is great but sometimes doesn’t find all I’m looking for or quality i am looking for. This is great too.
Answer #14
I used mp3skull a few times when I needed a single song. It’s worked fine for me.
Answer #15
Answer #16
I find this program really good, you can preview the songs before you download as well
Answer #17
Another vote for SongR here… Very good
Answer #18 (p2p)


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