How to add subtitles to an DVD image

October 9th, 2016

Hello, I often download dvdr’s here on , but unfortunately most of them don’t have dutch subtitles.
I can find most dutch subtitles at specialized sites, but my question is how can I add them to an existing dvd or dvd image (e.g. iso), NOT DVDRip (like xvid or divx). So I dont need a program like convertxtodvd
Are there any easy programs just to add dutch subtitles to the main movie, or replace the existing english, french or other subtitles. And how to synchronize them with the audio?
Many of these programs I read about on the internet are too complicated for me. Are there no easier programs around or could someone give me a well-explained manual and links to the programs I need ?
I put this question again because I got a reply from somebody who didnt understand the question i think .
Hope somebody can help me. Regards

Answer #1
Try convertxtodvd with the guide below
Answer #2
How to load a dvd in convertxtodvd ??? I think it only works with an avi (xvid or dvix) but not with dvd-files
Answer #3
i dont you can add subtitles to a dvdr without gertting complicated. I think you will have to download divx or xvid files and then add subtitles


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