How long from **** to **** on a Plane?

August 11th, 2017

Hey, im off to L.A. and I was wondering if anyone would know how long ABOUT it would take on a Plane…
I live in Bristol in the United Kingdom, and going to Hollywood in Los Angeles..
so yeah… anyone know how long about it would take?
someone said 5-9 hours, then someone said 12, so anyone got any idea or know where (on the net) I could find out?

Answer #1
can’t you just check your arrival time? the tickets should tell you! Its about 12 hours from london to LA i think though!
Answer #2
From Brussels ( Belgium ), it’s 14 hours, so yours would be something like that too.
Answer #3
I aint got my tickets…. a mate of mine sorted all our tickets etc out….
so about 12 hours then, no prob, thanks


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