Hotmail account get hack

November 12th, 2013

my hotmail account get hacked and my personal information and password changed to something i dont know, any help? dont tell me to go through hotmail support and service help or bla bla those formal way… i cant even know whats my personal information now, how they believe me?
Answer #1
You can’t do much about it I guess. Try to find out who hates you or dislikes you. And protect your password next time.
Answer #2
Try to fill this form with all the information you may know and maybe you can get your account back
Answer #3
i have done it and it doesnt seem to be heping at all…no respond from it for after a day.
Answer #4
The only thing you must do is sit back and wait. They can’t can’t just give you the account back immediately – they must be certain that you are the original owner of that specific account.
If it were that easy to retrieve an account, anyone may lie about an account which is not theirs and fake to be a victim in order to obtain someone else’s account. Of course, having your private email account in someone else’s hands must be irritating – but there’s nothing you can do apart from contacting Microsoft.
Good luck…
Answer #5
They are as good as rapidshare support,if you really own the account they always help
Answer #6
thanks will be trying..
Answer #7
I understand it must be really annoying to not being able to access you e-mail account but i think you should have patience for at least 3-4 business days.
I don’t know the exact amount of time they use for this but to be optimistic, my father got his password reset when he forgot his password.
Answer #8
forumposter replied: They are as good as rapidshare support,if you really own the account they always help
Add an useful, elaborate and on-topic comment next time.
Answer #9
or u can hack your own account and get a new password: change it and personal info (change some info because the hacker has maybe print ur information and reenter it again)
Good Luck
(i havn’t hack for it)
Answer #10
If you can provide them with some sort of evidence, ie;
– Previous I.P addresses
– Previous contacts and sent emails
– Approx. year and month when you joined
– Previous contact and personal details
They should help you out because technically it’s your account and still is even though some noob has gained access to it, remember next to;
– Use a decent firewall (ZoneAlarm, Comodo etc.)
– Download an anti-trojan software (Easily searched up on W-BB)
– Use decent antivirus (Kaspersky, ESET, avast!, AVG etc.)
– Always log out in public libraries, college, university, work etc and clear cookies and data if possible
– Never share your secret questions with anybody or change them if you think someone knows them
You should be safe remembering your own privacy guidelines at all times, I do, and I’m sure everyone else here does too or we’d all be sitting ducks!
Best of luck with the account retrieval
Answer #11
i tried but he cahnged all my account personal information… no help for it.. =p
i’m making a new one.. haha…
Answer #12
Did you ever get a reply from Hotmail customer service ?
Answer #13
i think it can be download
Answer #14
and give them time to respond to email your email it take about 24 to 48 hours and they have alot of emails that do come in each day
Answer #15
i got it hack too today
Answer #16
how did you get it hacked? Please help. I need mine hacked too. I lost my password
Answer #17
high_life_guy replied: how did you get it hacked? Please help. I need mine hacked too. I lost my password
his hotmail account has been hacked by someone her doesn’t know who it was
if you forgot your password request new password from hotmail
Answer #18
Hey the easiest way is that when you create your account you had got an email from hotmail it contains a unique code just get that code after this you can retrieve your account but no mails will be there… but if you retrieve your lost mails you will able to get back some emails


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