Hide a partition

November 26th, 2013

I use Windows 7 for 64 Bits. My partitions are dynamic.
I need to hide two of my partitions (D and E). There are some solutions for this here at WBB and in Google, but I need a procedure or app that hides the partitions even if my HDD is hooked to another PC as a slave disk. Is that possible?

Answer #1
Acronis Disk Director..I’s simple..right click on the partition..Hide partition option..Apply the changes..
Answer #2
My Acronis Disk Director doesn’t show the hide option:
Answer #3
I have no idea mate..I never used the Windows version..
Answer #4
Ok, thanks anyway
Answer #5
I didn’t want to plug my topic..Under my signature..Boot from CD or USB..I’m sure that should have the option..


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