Help me finalizing new build

November 30th, 2013

Here’s what I have in mind but need it verified (Budget around 1400$)
Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz
CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX750 V2
and remaining parts RAM,Monitor could not decide.
I was thinking of waiting for Sony’s Playstation 3D Display.
Suggest me a good RAM,HDD,SSD, mouse ,KB.
Main interests Movies,Games and of course downloading
I will be buying WDTV Hub or PS3 so suggest monitor accordingly please.
Thanks in advance

Answer #1
You can get a better motherboard for less
CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX750 V2 You’re wasting the 750W with that rig.
RAMDoesn’t matter. Pretty much all 2x4GB DDR3 kits are the same. They use Hynix H9C ICs. The Corsair Vengeance and G.Skill Ripjaw models are popular nowadays.
HDDSamsung Spinpoint F3.
SSDCurrent Sandforce controller SSDs such as OCZ Vertex/Agility, Corsair Force etc aren’t that great. They are unstable and are more expensive compared to newer Marvel based SSDs such as the Crucial M4. Crucial M4s are the best consumer SSDs you can get right now all things considered.
mouseDepends a lot on your grip style and sensitivity.
KBDepends on your budget for the keyboard. You should get a mech keyboard though.
Answer #2
Answer #3
thanks for your help
I brought most of above components
the only remaining are Gfx card,monitor and power supply.
any ideas?
Answer #4
This will do fine for PSU.
GPU, GTX560 Ti or GTX 570 if you can afford it are pretty good choices.
For the monitor. well it just depends how much you want to spend.
Answer #5
This will do fine for PSU. That’s a pretty odd PSU to recommend. S12E platform. Does worse than the $90 Antec TP-650 which almost reaches 80+ Silver in testing. The S12E platform barely holds 80+ Bronze in cold testing. An M12II Bronze platform based PSU would be a lot better buy and cheaper to boot.
Answer #6
If the antec is cheaper then yeh, that sounds good.
Answer #7
are you guys considering gfx card mentioned above?
also is it too high for my needs ie 3d movies /games?
please suggest a pair
also suggest good ssd upto 130$ and monitor with hdmi
Answer #8
The card is fine. As for the SSD though as much as I’d like to recommend you an M4 for the stability for that price this offer is a bit too good to pass up.
$110 after MIR for a high end 90 GB SSD is a stellar deal.
Answer #9
@-paroxysM^ thank you for your inputs
last but not least Monitor…….
as my MB has only HDMI output which is good hdmi capable monitor in 20-25″ till i buy sony’s 3d display in Nov?
also can i watch 3d on led itself?
Answer #10
You want a 3d monitor?
LED is not a screen, it’s a back light behind the screen.
Your graphics card has DVI and HDMI.
Answer #11
yeah 3d monitor being future proof.
is it a bad idea?
Answer #12
The colors on the new Playstation 3D display are abysmal even for a TN panel. Get something else like the AW2310 if going for 3D.
Answer #13
.:astroboy:. replied: yeah 3d monitor being future proof.
is it a bad idea?

Well if you are buying a 3dtv for 3d then i would get a monitor that offers better quality for normal computer use like some of the 23″ IPS screens that are available now.
Far better image and colour quality than any of the TN screens.
If you just want a 3d monitor then there will be a new BenQ screen coming out shortly. i would wait and see how much they have improved things.
Answer #14
okay i am not buying 3d monitor coz frankly if i go for it then i cant buy gfx card.
Here in asia(Mumbai) got really high rates for those two monitors.approx 100$ more not less
so is there anyway that my gfx card and some lcd/led monitor fit in that range and having capabilities that i can watch 3d movies in future?
I read it somewhere you have to get 120hz monitor?


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