[Help] ConvertXtoDVD Issue.

March 16th, 2018

My system is in the drive c:
which is only 8 gb n rest of lots of space like 20 gb , 20 gb , 10 gb.
can u guys help me how to change the Deafault output directory of convertxtodvd from c : to ——> d: , e: or f:
Help needed.
unless this i cant convert a full movie to DVD.
is theer anyother software by which i can select the directory other thanx c:
cmon guys

Answer #1
Go to settings/general, then change the working folder to where you wish it to be.
Answer #2
holySH!T, was it that so fkn easy :O
Thanx a lot. i really didnt check that generalsetting option


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