Have i just got a virus?

January 11th, 2017

ok so i just downloaded a file extracted it. it was there for a few seconds then it just disapeared and left an empty folder???? question: what was it?
Answer #1
Check your A/V’s quarantine section, or logs/history. I’d say it picked it up as a nasty and got rid of it.
Answer #2
beat me to it ^^ Some av suites do remove supposedly infected items upon extraction , check your av suites logs and see if there was a quaratine.
Answer #3
i ushally get a warning when that happens though, im using avast atm nothing in the logs???
Answer #4
Check your user folder, root directory and system folders for any new files with odd names. Check Task Manager to see if any strange processes are running. If all looks good after that, then you are probably safe.
Scan the system to be sure, though.
What was the file you downloaded?
Answer #5
What did you download?
It’s entirely possible it’s just a bad file if your AV didn’t find anything
Answer #6
nope it was like 700mb that makes me think its not a virus because ushally viruses are normally like 6mb …. but you never know
anyway iv run avast, found nothing
and spybot – nothing unushall
is there anything else i can use to check i dont got no viruses with?
Answer #7
I use ESET Smart Security for ALL system protection.
Eset has a FREE online virus scanner that will scan your suspect file, here :
Answer #8
You could use one of the online scanners to check your system, or run Ad-Aware or another probram, besides Spybot. So, the whole 700 MB file just disappeared?
Answer #9
yep as soon as i extracted it, it was there for a few seconds and then it just disapeared
Answer #10
Extract it again and see what happens.


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