Hard drive full

November 26th, 2013

hi guys, I have a 70G hard drive which is reading as having less than a gig left. I have removed, uninstalled, & deleted everything that i can (movies, games, programs etc) I have done a disc cleanup, defrag and registry clean, but still reading as not much more.
Can someone help me fix this. I don’t know what to do next other than reformat (which i don’t want to do yet). Any help would be appreciated.

Answer #1
aussie29 replied: Hard drive full
aussie29 replied: Any help would be appreciated.
If you don’t want to format then go and buy new HDD!
Answer #2
You really only have 2 options…delete stuff or buy a new one.
Answer #3
A 80GB hard drive is tiny in this day and age. You should find a larger new one to give yourself more storage space. Find out what type you need, SATA or IDE.
Hdd Prices are rising so don’t delay. It’s not really the best time to buy one because of the floods in Thailand.
Answer #4
one option is to highly compress any hardly used data with something like winrar, the drawback to this is when you want to use that data, it has to be uncompressed, the best option for you is to get another hard drive.
Answer #5
Use Windows file compression if you run out of files to delete, although it will have some impact on the overall performance of your machine, especially with older machines.
Or download a copy of TreeSize Pro and sort all your files on size to figure out if there are a few you don’t need. Also have a look at leftovers of Windows update; you can safely delete them, unless you need to roll back an update.
If you’re using Windows 7, consider Windows XP, it takes up a lot less space. Don’t get desperate, I’m pretty sure I could get tons of extra free space on your machine.
Be aware though, recent predictions in the news predict a major shortage of hard drives (30-40% of all hard drives come from Thailand) and prices that rise even higher than they are right now and they also said that it will take until the end of 2012 before they’re back ton the original price level.
I’ve still found some good deals in a few smaller, less known stores, but the big guys have already raised their prices immensely.
Answer #6
Get rid of some of your files by burning them onto data dvd’s.
Then buy yourself another hdd as suggested. Just install as a storage drive.
Answer #7
Burn your Data to DVD or buy new HDD to get rid of this.
Answer #8
Your solution is at Office Max. $129 and 3TB later you’ll be smiling.
Answer #9
one little tip to find big files on your harddrive:


its a little program witch wil scan your hdd and will find all the big files on your system. Its a good help when you have to clean your disk!
be careful that you don’t delete any system files through.
Answer #10
Thanks for all your help guys, I will try deleting some of the updates first then if that doesn’t help, I guess I’ll get a bigger hard drive
Answer #11
With the prices at the moment for internal drives, your better off getting an external as they are far cheaper but expect a price hike soon, better get in quick..
Prices have soared up by like 200% for internals because of the floods in Thailand, as Mighty_Marvel stated above
Answer #12
you can turn off system restore if it is on and it will get rid of any restore points you have saved which can free a lot of space some times.


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