Hard-Disc Partitioning on the fly…..

January 29th, 2014

I looked at my buddy’s 5 year-old Vista laptop as he cannot perform normal functionality due to only having 400MB free.
His hard-disc is partitioned into 2x 35GB pieces. The C: is snarled up with system files & programs and after investigation not really much data I can take away, the D: partition is virtually empty. All his user data is on an external drive.
Years ago I used to use a program which repartitioned on the fly without having to re-format & re-install. (which in my buddy’s case would be a nightmare for me!!) I wondered if anybody can recommend any disc utility that will do the same job, eg. keep his C: drive & installation intact and remove the D: partition to add the space onto the C: drive.
Thanks in advance for any advice!

Answer #1
EASEUS is a free one
or paragon partition mgr or Acronis partition software
if you are doing the OS partition tho a bootable disk is the best way
Hiren’s BootCD has partition apps
Answer #2
Cheers for that!


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