September 14th, 2021

help me this error pops up when i start the game can any one could u give me a patch or instructions
Answer #1 Crack:
http://~ Dead file host ~/files/254141875/Grand_Theft_Auto_IV_v1.0.4.0_Update-Crack-RazorDOX.rar
Answer #2
i download it and installed the update but it tells me out of memory re boot system
Answer #3
What’s your system specs?
Answer #4
processor intel(r) celeron(r) 550 @2.00GHz 2.00 GHz
ram: 2 gb
system type : 32-bit operating system Toshiba laptop
Answer #5
Graphics card and OS including service pack?
Answer #6
windows vista
idont know the grafic card
Answer #7
Service pack…For Vista you need SP1…For XP you need SP3..
To find out what graphics card you have..Use cpu-z or Everest…
Answer #8
i have windows vista server pack 1
an mobile intel (r) 965 express chipset family video card
Answer #9
It looks like your graphics card Don’ meet the game Minimum System Requirements…


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