Garena and Battle-lan replacement for LAN

March 3rd, 2018

Is there any software which works like garena for lan, i.e. one that doesn’t require internet access? Most of the warcraft (DOTA) lan players must be aware of Battlelan that makes game hosts of all IPs visible on a Local Area Network regardless of subnets. So, is there a Garena like server for lan which I can host and other people on the Local Area can join, by creating accounts and see all the games visible on lan?
One software I know is Kquery. But it doesn’t work well for Dota. It does tell you server IPs where the game is hosted. BUt I was looking for something like a GARENA server for lan so that all the players of my college (about 800, we live in residential campus) can join and see all the servers created, without the need of using Battle lan or Kquery

Answer #1
I am talking of something like a LAN GAME server Monitor.. but which mimics Garena..


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