Format sata drive

November 24th, 2013

i have windows xp sp3 and i want install windows 7 when i install windows xp i do drive c ntfs and now i want format this drive how i can do this ? i DONT have a floppy drive and i dont wont do this from install windows 7 i want before install

Answer #1
You want to keep XP and install Windows 7 or you want to format and do a fresh install Windows 7 only?
Answer #2
Herin’s BootCD (lionden’s sig ^^) or “Active Boot Disk” can do that
Answer #3
Acronis does a good job of formatting and back-up, and it does in boot screen too!
Answer #4
use paragon partition manager and make a boot disk from that, and use that to make partitions so you can dual-boot windows xp and windows 7.
if you don’t want to do a dual boot, I would download killdisk and write zeros to the hard drive, sometimes that can increase performance and is better than formatting.
Answer #5
i want format and install clean windows
Answer #6
Then just boot with you Windows 7 boot DVD..When you get to chose where to install you will get the option at the bottom of the page to format..
Second option..You can download a copy Hiren’s BootCD..Link under my sig…Partition Tools > Acronis Disk Director…


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