F1 2010 Sound Problem

April 10th, 2018

Few days ago I downloaded F1 2010 from this forum.
I installed the game and everything works fine except sound…
I am having serious problems with the sound – seems to be an issue with those of us running integrated soundboards – I got a ton of echo and couldn’t understand anything the pit crew or reporters were saying.
If it helps, I have Windows XP, SP3.
Could anyone explain me what should I do to fix that problem?

Answer #1
Latest drivers?
Answer #2
Realtek HD Audio
Driver Date: 23.4.2007.
Driver Version:
I try to updated the drivers, but it says there are no newer ones.
Also, it is the on-board card.
Answer #3
Answer #4
Does anyone has a solution?!
Answer #5
go into your windows “sound” settings, properties, and turn down a setting or 2. Sorry can not be specific as I dont have winxp
Answer #6
Go and try and fix your sound setting on Your computer


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