Everything is Bold.. how to solve it (Solved)

December 3rd, 2017

Hi everyone i donno what happened but everything @ my computer is BOLD
All texts are bold and i cant make it back to normal
how can i fix it
even this firefox and website texts are bold too
it happened 15 mins ago, please help me
here is screen Image

Answer #1
did you try to change the theme?
Answer #2
yes i did
this happened after i installed blinds and after 10 mins i uninstalled it and didnt changed anything…
Answer #3
i would try system restore.
Answer #4
system restore is turned off :/
Answer #5
You could go to display properties/appearance as shown here and press the ‘B’ button next to the text for the function you have selected..
Or maybe you should go to ‘Themes’ and select ‘windows default’ or something to try and get back to normal !
Answer #6
i did everything tried windows default and didnt worked
clicked B and didnt worked, i am gonna be crazy


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