Even a reinstall can’t get rid of this virus.

June 9th, 2018

Sup guys. Recently I got a virus that affected my keyboard and mouse input. Sometimes it would work, and other times it would click by itself or hold by itself.
I tried using malwarebytes and kaspersky to scan, but it found nothing.
I deleted all my partition, reformatted my harddrive, repartitioned everything, and reinstalled win7. same problem
btw its a x64 bit
annnnd i tested the mouse and keyboard with my other computer and they work fine.

Answer #1
not being sarcastic…why dont you get a new set?
or have you already tried this option? ^^ just to clear it out
Answer #2
just because there’s something wrong with your mouse/keyboard on 1 computer, and it works well on another doesn’t mean it’s a virus. if you reformatted, and it’s still happening… it’s your MOBO.
Answer #3
Options,Driver or MOBO problem
Answer #4
dang i have to swap out a mobo?
if i had to do that mite as well get the newest chipset that supports the i7 or i5…
and just to be safe, awsomo, i will get a new set.
Answer #5
Eliminate all other possibilities before replacing mobo . If you do get a new one get i7 or i5, also get newest multable PCI-e slots for SLI
Answer #6
multable pci-e slots?
whats multable?
and if i get a new mobo mite as well get a new comp could use a i7 core wit maybe a gtx260 or two…
sigh i gotz no money tho.
Answer #7
do the KB and mouse from the other PC work right on the problem one ?
wireless ?
there a bios update for your mobo ?
anything near your PC that would effect the wireless signal ?
check your chipset temps as USB goes thru it
if you boot to a live OS (like MiniXP on hiren’s boot CD) do the act normal ?
batteroes, if used, up to snuff ?
think he meant “multiple”
Answer #8
I’d suggest that you try again the keyboard/mouse on another pc and see if there is a problem with the keyboard/mouse.
If not, try using another keyboard/mouse with your pc because maybe there something wrong between them.
If the problem exists probably it is your mobo.
Don’t give up too early though. You can even try to reset the BIOS and update the firmware and try again.


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