Downloaded a movie and need some help

August 24th, 2017

ok, so i downloaded a megashares link for the .iso of p90x workout. I got the iso download, mounted it with ultra iso, and told ultra iso to autoplay…. well when i did that it popped up a window showing two folders, an AUDIO_TS; and a VIDEO_TS. the audio fold shows nothing in it, but the video folder shows this…
What do i do with it now

Answer #1
If you have VLC installed just open the “drive” and it will start playing. I think you may be able to drag the VIDEO_TS.IFO into Windows Media Player and it will play as well.
Answer #2
Easy way is to install VLC, and open it with that.
Answer #3
so, ultra iso wont do it then? not even if i change it to associate with those files? what if i just burn the iso to a dvd?


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