January 5th, 2017

Tommorrow(Sunday), I’m going to download massive amounts of music in the way of discographies off of this site.
Anyways, I’m curious of a few things. After I download the discography, where will it be? Is it going to be in a folder on my desktop, or am I going to have to do a series of complicated tasks in order to have it work on my computer/itunes(it will all be moved to my iPod eventually).
If I can’t find a certain discography by lets say Oasis, what other sites would I be able to search for that specific discography? I’m pretty sure this site will have Oasis, I am just using them as an example. Where else would I find a discography that’s as safe as it is off of this site just in case I can’t on this site.
Lastly, when I download the music off of this site and put it into my iPod, will it corrupt my iPod or anything? Whenever I download songs off Limewire(extremely time consuming, and almost impossible to find every song by an artist unless you spend an immense amount of time looking)…Whenever I download songs off Limewire, they work on my iTunes perfectly almost no hassle. Is that going to be the same case with the songs I get off of this site?
Thanks in advance for the help.

Answer #1
Yeah, the songs you get off this site are the same as any other song, usually they are in MP3 format ranging from 128k – 320k (quality). Once you download the discography you can un-rar it using winrar which you can find here or at rarlabs, then after you decompress it you need to go into Itunes and then click file, then click add folder to library, and if you already have an Itunes account, which I assume you do, Itunes will automatically download all the missing file information and graphics for the case ect.


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