denied paypal purchase to Private Internet Access VPN

October 14th, 2016

This month I recently have twice got a email from my paypal acccount…
The payment for your subscription to Private Internet Access Protection failed because of a problem with your credit card.London Trust Media, Inc. has been notified of this failed payment.
I use a MasterCard and have been paying with it for the past 6 months to “.London Trust Media, Inc” with no problem and suddenly I been getting this message. My card payments worked fine with a other purchases online such as amazon and such. I read somewhere that mastercard and some other credit card companies have been denying payments to VPN service providers with the use of their card. Anyone else have this problem? Can I pick up some prepaid american express card and try using that? I use my VPN all the time. Any suggestions would be great. THANKS!

Answer #1
Contact PayPal via email and ask them? (Their Help tab)
Apart from that, have you had a new card recently (card number change) and forgotten to update details on PayPal. When you add a new card to PayPal the old one stays there as the default until you remove it or make the new card the default.


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