Dedicated Server questions

January 23rd, 2020

I just bought a server from OVH and i am asking for some help now
I have experience in Shared Hosting and VPS not in Dedicated server
For the moment i am using WebAdmin and OVH manager.
Well normally what i am willing to do is to create webhosting account
Example: I have 3 websites, i want the 3 website to be hosted on my dedi
So please tell me how to proceed
1) I need Phpmyadmin
2) I don’t want to use Cpanel / Whm or any paid panel
3) If i use Plesk ? Can i create hosting account with plesk and is it free ?
Please help me! I am a noob in Dedicated, If this work! I will host you for Free on my Dedicated
Server! No need to pay me each month!
It’s like you will be my Server Technician xD
Thank You!

Answer #1
Yes you can, you should buy a Plesk licence from OVH ;> And then its simple.
Answer #2
You should really really check out this website:
Look for the perfect server setups. You will get a free control panel out of the deal that works really well also.
I might be willing to trade to set this all up for you if you wish.


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