DC Universe Online Installing Problem

October 20th, 2016

Hey guys
I’m having a little problem. I’ve just bough DC Universe Online and installed it on my computer. Now when I open it says ”unable to retrieve assets from server”. I installed the PSG but when i now open it and login, it starts redownloading everything. My internet isn’t that great so it’d download for days. Anyone has a solution for this?
Oh and I have a CDkey and i don’t even need to use it…?

Answer #1
DC unviverse online’s is free to play!!
ya it takes 2~5gb approx to download n install before u play for the first time..
Answer #2
I know, but i have it on cd, and installed it from there, why is it downloading it all over again? (like i said, my internetconnection isn’t that great )
Answer #3
not a surprise..
whenever i try to play it will download from scratch n install.. i play tat day..
next day when i try to play this process will happen again..
i guess its buggy, whenever the system gets reboot the installed files become unrecognizable.. so when i try to play it will download from start n irritate me.. i really love the game but cudnt play coz of this prob.. i searched a lot, posted in official forums but no response.. all in vain..
i hope u didnt get the same bug.. jus make sure u have latest flash, vcredist, directx, etc..
u r downlading it from steam??
check this..


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