Cubase SE

April 29th, 2014

I have been using Cubase SE for several years with almost no trouble until last night. When I try to launch the program it will initialize- but then nothing. It will not open the program. I have tried moving my VST plugins to a desktop folder-no luck. I do not have a installer CD, it was lost a long time ago so I cannot uninstall and reload. Any Ideas? Thanks.
PS I am Using XP service pack3, PC with plenty of RAM etc.

Answer #1
Use windows system recover to go back a few days. You might get luck by doing only that.
Answer #2
I forgot to mention that I attempted that already but since this machine hasn’t been online for 6+ months, there is no reset point available on the calendar (lesson learned). Also, I should say that I am using a motu traveler firewired into my Nvidia sound card and there is now no sound at all coming from the system. Mp3’s and wave files will launch but no sound. If my soundcard or driver bit the dust would cubase not open? Thanks for your help..
Answer #3
Well… I dont know that too… :S But probably there is a problem with your sound card. It makes sense… Try to reinstall the drivers so you can listen music on your pc. After that check if your cubase open. Probably the problem is not with cubase but with the sound in your pc.
Answer #4
OK, I can play audio files using Q-time and media-player though internal soundcard, only now when I start I get a message saying “computer is booting from operating system” – this is a new one. I think I may need to reset my Bios to default settings. I free’d up a bunch of HD space. still cubase initializes but fails to open. I have a feeling I will be shopping for a new system this weekend…don’t tell the wife..heck it’s given me 9 good years..can’t complain. Thanks for all your help.
Answer #5
Why, in last attempt, dont you, save your files, format the pc, and install all OS and software again? I’m sure you can download cubase again somewhere…
Answer #6
Thanks ND, That’s exactly what I am going to do. I appreciate your help.


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