Creating a partition in Windows XP

April 25th, 2017

Okay I have tried 3 methods of creating a partition, but none of them have worked.
One of them using the Windows XP Computer Management thingy, where there’s a thick blue line for allocated space, and there’s meant to be a black line for unallocated, but I don’t have one, so that didn’t work. I also tried a program called Partition Manager, a friend walked me through when he did it, but this didn’t work either. I also tried using GParted but that didn’t work either, I got an error message upon bootup.
So does anyone know an easy method, not using one of the programs I mentioned?

Answer #1
Try to get Acronis Disk Director, it is nice
Answer #2
Thank you.
Freeware? Easy to use?
Answer #3
Not really freeware, but free from here it is easy. you burn it to a CD and boot with it and you can do all uou need to do, even resize the system partition.
Answer #4
are you sure you have an unallocated space?
Did you intentionally create your initial partition smaller than its maximum when installing XP?
If not, you will have to resize your original partition (which would most likely require a defrag)
Answer #5
I’m positive.
Here’s a screenshot of what mine looks like..
http://~ Disallowed image host ~/2kpuvq.jpg
I didn’t install XP on my machine, it was custom built from a shop.
Answer #6
You don’t have any free space…
Resize your drive C….
Create a new partition with the free space you created while resizing>ntfs>Logical partition…
Answer #7
Use “partition magic” program its very useful
Answer #8
Yea use Partition magic if you want to end up with a trashed HD….Acronis Disk Director Suite is safe to use…
Answer #9
Sorry, but how do I resize my C drive?
Answer #10
With Acronis Disk Director Just get it, you will see, it is very simple to use.
Answer #11
use Acronis and you should be able to resize the partition from there. Select the partion in disk director and resize it to the size you wish. You should then be able to create a new one from the free space left over
Answer #12

irwillz wrote: Select all

Sorry, but how do I resize my C drive?
Install, run Acronis Disk Director Suite…right click on the C Partition…the drop down menu wil have resize on it…
Answer #13
thats the best way to do it,
but to do it without a 3rd party program you can just shrink your original parition.
Depending on how large you want your other parition you might need to defragment it.
Answer #14
I downloaded the trial to enter a serial but it’s not asked me yet. I can’t right click on my C drive, but at the side I only get the options of Create Partition, Increase Free Space, Copy Partition and Recover Partitions. They’re the wizards.
Answer #15
Highlight the C partition…If you can’t right click go on the file menu and select resize…
Answer #16
Hmm, this is all I’m getting..
http://~ Disallowed image host ~/2d6la1t.jpg
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