Cpu Problem ! Please help me!

August 2nd, 2018

I dont understand what is the problem with my CPU
I have iPentium D dualcore 3.0Ghz 4MB cache,and when I test with some programs like everest and Cpu-z,frequency changed sometimes from 3.0ghz to 2.4Ghz,I dont know what is that,maybe is for saving power But I’m not sure.
Do you have any Ideas:
Here are some printscreens from testing:
But in system properties is 3.0ghz:

Answer #1
I’m an amd man, but principles are same.
The multiplier should be at 15times ie 200 X 15 =3000.
Something changed it, perhaps an energy saver which would be temporary, probably not.
Give it a cpu intensive task like encoding and then check to see if it shows at 3G.
If it does, its an energy/chip saving thing and no worry. I’m not an intel man so unfamiliar with what would do that, though funnily enough your cpu did prompt a rethink.
Answer #2
Intel Speedstep is doing this to you, it’s a power saver feature, run a cpu test program that will stress it to the max and the CPU will clock back up to 3.0ghz.
Answer #3
thnx very much


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