Cat6 cable issue

April 15th, 2018

Bought a Cat6 ethernet cable since my PC is now farther from the router. Previously used standard Cat5 but now it doesn’t work with Cat6 when connected to the router.
So I did a little test to see what the problem is. Plugged the cable into the modem and it worked, so the cable itself is fine.
So there’s two possible issue:
– Router is connected to modem via cat5, maybe thats why cat6 doesn’t work
– Router is outdated and can’t configure cat6 – just my guess
Any insight would be appreciated.
I’m planning on buying another cat6 to connect the router and modem and hope that it fixes the issue. Also another question, let’s say connecting modem to router via cat6 works, do I have to use cat6 aswell from router to PC/ect? Or cat5 is ok?

Answer #1
Dont know precisely whats causing your prob, but more or less you should use a router to connect the ADSL, and then switches (not more routers) to extend the data length through buildings.. It is possible to use routers as switches.. But switches are cheaper and all you need… Google about them…
Ehh heres a link lol…
Answer #2
Should work as cat5 and cat6 wiring is the same wiring connections.
Have a Google here..
Maybe a dicky cable, plug or socket, or the extra cable length too long.(Need more switches. routers ?)
How long are the old and new cables ?
You should be using a straight thru cable ,not a cross-over one..
Answer #3
If you could draw a simple picture of how your pc is connected labelling the devices with the brand names, that could help.
Answer #4
Ok here’s the details.
Modem – Arris CM820
Router – Linksys E1200
The only one that’s not working is the cat6 connection.But if I plug the cat6 directly from the PC to the modem then it works.
Another thing, the cable itself works. It just shows the connection as unidentified network and doesn’t receive anything from the router.
Answer #5
Switches are cheap, change the R to a Switch.. The M would be classified as a router as well.. Probably where the problem lies.. Either one of them could connect to the net, should only have one in the network.. All you need is the cheapest switch out there and it will have 4-8 ports cost like 20$ and fix the prob…
If not change R and M around and see if that helps??
Your problem is R…
Change them around as I stated, and use the software mentioned, or buy a switch and put in R’s position.. Either M or R can be M’s position if connected and setup properly…
Answer #6
M is the one with the coax and only has 1 Ethernet slot so no switching up is possible
Router is pretty old so I’m considering replacing it. Does a switch support WiFi connection? If not, I’ll have to go with a router.
Answer #7
Some switches support wifi… M and R are both routers… If your using wifi just plug in R and get it to connect to server and turn on wifi… Then PC and DVR connect to R wireless or PC does and there will be at least one ethernet for the DVR… The set up you have now should work, but you would be having probs with R with somtihng done wrong.. Either try what Ive stated or play around trying to reconfigure R!
Answer #8
Try the following procedure for testing the Cat 6 cable:
if you are using windows:
go to command propmt OR type /run/cmd
run the following command : ipconfig you should see your default gateway address : 192.x.x.x or else but in this format
ping your default gateway
type >>>>> ping 192.x.x.x The results should be Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0
This basically means that your cat6 cable is fine and the problem lies perhaps in your router configuration
Answer #9
You should also connect your pc to the router using a cross over cable.
If you still do not have any network connectivity ,then you will need to reconfigure your router ..
can you please confirm again that you get network connectivity using your old cat 5 cable ?
Answer #10
My old cable worked. No default gateway address in ipconfig. Might have to to do crossover cable if you’re right.
This is what I got. No “crossover” mentioned. So I should buy the crossover one?
Answer #11
No, you should not need a crossover cable…They are for special applications like going direct from PC to PC..(without a router).
Although you could check the plug wiring colors of new and old cables… then you would see if one of them has a crossover.
Maybe you are using different port in router which has different configuration.
Check this out.
Answer #12
Ive mentioned R in your diagram has reasonably “hard” software… That is your prob………. Do what I said lol… Im not answering again lol.. Buy a switch with wireless… (Not going to explain…)… Reconfigure your set up to work… If R aint got wireless buy a long network cable and put it through the roof!..
……………………. You need to use the same cable you used R to work originally.. Start with ONE!!! MODEM!!! either or and connect it to comp… if you can then connect to the net that part works.. Then step two.. Simply one step at a time.. If 2 steps work and the third doesnt, its the 3rd where your problem is… I give up lol, out of beer, good luck with it!!
Answer #13
ok guys reconnect your old cat 5 cable from your pc to the linksys router and type ipconfig at the command prompt as previously stated above. If you see default gateway with an ip address,that means your cat 6 cable is either faulty or you can take another chance by buying a cross over cable .
Answer #14
If those distances are accurate, they are well within the specs for cat5 ethernet. So, there is absolutely no need to even be using cat6 cables for your setup
Answer #15
they work the same
Answer #16
If those distances are accurate, they are well within the specs for cat5 ethernet. So, there is absolutely no need to even be using cat6 cables for your setup
This is true although they only seem to make cat6 cables these days….So they should work fine..
Answer #17
If those distances are accurate, they are well within the specs for cat5 ethernet. So, there is absolutely no need to even be using cat6 cables for your setup
This is true although they only seem to make cat6 cables these days....So they should work fine..

Ah..I didn’t realize that cat6 cables were only thing available now as I have lots of cat5 cable bundles laying around and I build my own cables as needed. But, yes, cat6 cable ‘should’ work fine.
I just figured if the OP had a previously working cat5 cable that would reach, there would be no need to mess around trying to get the cat6 cable to work..and to just use the known-working cat5 cable and return cat6 or exchange it.


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