Cant install windows

December 13th, 2017

I have a ASUS S56CM-XX035H and after several chats I’ve noticed there is a SSD module on the motherboard that is locked from view. When accessing my computer it doesn’t show the hidden sad. Tried to install Windows from disc and ASUS blocks you from installing. My questions:
1. Are there any Asus tools outside of the norm that will allow me to access the ssd?
2. How can I install Windows?
Thank you.

Answer #1
Answer #2
right click my computer – manage – disk management, screenshot it and show us. upload on imgur.
Answer #3
According to a review:
a now somewhat older 5400 rpm HDD spins in the Taiwanese computer giant's mainstream ultrabook. However, a 24 GB SSD cache from Sandisk, implemented as a hybrid solution, is meant to speed things up
You might be looking at the hybrid drive SSd rather than a “separate” drive – if so, don’t fart about with it.
Answer #4
Yes, that model comes with a hybrid drive. DON’T install windows on it! 22G or so is not large enough for a Windows installation without having to change temp locations / install larger programs on the other partition etc.
I just did a reinstall on my sister’s laptop because she kept running out of space. 22/24G (whatever it was) completely full while the other 970G sat virtually empty
As mentions, just install on the larger partition. When windows is installed, you can give that SSD partition a drive letter and use it for faster storage space – maybe for temp files created when processing videos for example.
Answer #5
Disk management
How do I install Windows on this Asus. Very annoying.


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