can i play gta 4 with this rig?

November 11th, 2016

amd athlon x2 II 245
1gb ram
ati hd3200

Answer #1
Maybe at low/medium settings..
Answer #2
I’d say no
Answer #3
Answer #4
Sorry but no point of playing GTA 4…..
Answer #5
Meh, I reckon your using a 780G motherboard, it has 3200. But yeah its a entry level graphics card. Id say barely 10 FPS.
Answer #6
yeah i think that so 10fps or less :p
my ram …my gprahic …:sigh:
Answer #7
RAM is ok, Just needs a better Graphics Card, I have played GTA IV on playable rates on a P4 631+ (Single Core) on an Intel 945 Motherboard, 1GB RAM, 256 MB 8600 GTS
Answer #8
At the least a HD 4650 ot 9500GT to play GTA 4 at 1280×800 at low/medium as much as i know….
Answer #9
Also would say no.
Answer #10
I don’t think so. GTAIV is too much CPU hungry.
Answer #11
No not really.
Answer #12
google command line gtaiv
with command line you can reduce your settings lower than what is offered in the main menu.
Command line was the only way I was able to play this game. My fps increased 33% on a 6yr old system (p4 3.2 3450agp-512)
even doing that, i moved on to a different game.
Answer #13
YES! I use the same awful card but if you decrease the res all the way and everything else is at zero (view distance=2/3 vehical density=2) you can. I get 15/20 fps. At first it’s kinda blurry but it evens out, the only negitive thing I found was that sometimes the insides of vlads hangout dissappear :p
No lag from explosions but when you start to run it takes a second for the periphial to work, and your aim might suffer a little.
Answer #14
thnks a lot


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