Best Photoshop books to learn Photoshop?

August 7th, 2017

I want to get a bit more serious about it: What are the best Photoshop books in English to learn Photoshop in your opinion?
Or what other Photoshop tutorials/materials/videos can you recommend to learn really everything? I really mean it: everything. Thanks for any help!

Answer #1
Lynda’s photoshop tutorials are actually great!
But think they are paid. You’ll get them for free here I guess.
Answer #2
There is very little theory. This is one of the few cases in which video tutorials can really help you. I suggest you to check some blogs that have great tutorials on a per work basis. In this way you get the feeling that every professional has. Doing the actual work following the steps of a professional will bring you to his/her same road. The techniques you need are not hundreds so, if you are good at it, you will need a little time to get productive. Start with the basics: the common shared parts that several techniques use. A part of the work is only done in some situations but a considerable part is in common in the majority of editing sessions and this is the core. If you jump on some advanced techniques too early, you will miss a lot of the logic behind and you will only memorize things. Instead, start by the fundamentals operations on the images and the most common interaction with the software. You need only two books: “Photoshop CC: The missing manual” and “Photoshop CC: Bible”. The first is good as an introduction(and not exclusively) and the second is the best reference around. I want to give you an example:
“How can I create an apocalyptic version of a photo?”
Only by following this tutorial you will get a handful of techniques that open room for countless situations. The more curious you are, the more you probably learn.
If you prefer video tutorials, follow suggestion. Lynda’s tutorials are ones of the best for Adobe’s products.
Answer #3
Photoshop for dummies?


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